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Over the last few years through producing and personal interest I have been experimenting with Programming samples to see how realistic I get it to sound, my thinking was that many of the studio sessions I had been part of invariably the producer had edited and sound replaced my drums to perfection ( I've become less offended ) which got me thinking that in many styles the difference between real and programmed is very small. 

In this tough economic climate the business of making music is becoming tougher and tougher. As budgets shrink and overheads increase a need has been created: to achieve the same quality results in less time for less money. The idea of hiring a musician along with the expense of travel, studio hire and engineer time can prove very costly. A simple, effective and proven way of achieving quality results in less time is to have an experienced drummer programming the parts of your track. Armed with a vast array of samples, the choices of sounds and styles are endless allowing you to get the exact sound you're looking for. Tracks can be changed, edited and modified in an instant allowing unlimited experiments as to what sounds good and what you require.

check out the examples opposite.


Drum Programming

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